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Current RFAs
Title Description Submission Deadline
Critical and Emerging Issues This Request for Applications will fund projects that address a critical or emerging IPM issue of regional or national significance. The Center has a small amount of funding to help facilitate timely responses to critical issues, as an early regional response can lead to quicker and more effective solutions. Our purpose is to provide a small source of funds that can be used to start work on new and critical issues, and to support projects that offer new and innovative solutions to IPM challenges...

IPM Documents This Request for Applications will fund projects that address the need for documents that accurately reflect the current state of Integrated pest management on a regional or national basis. IPM Documents may address crops or other (non-crop) settings for a single state or combination of states. Funding provided by the center are intended to help facilitate authoring of these documents including travel, meeting, and survey expenses associated with information gathering.


Southern IPM Center
North Carolina State University
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